Донателле Версаче — 66. Вспоминаем самые знаковые показы дизайнера Versace

Донателле Версаче — 66. Вспоминаем самые знаковые показы дизайнера Versace

Сестра культового модельера Джанни Версаче смогла быстро взять в руки семейное дело после его убийства, не потерять полюбившуюся покупателям эстетику бренда и добавить Versace еще большего лоска и изысканной провокации

Убийство Версаче | Расследования журнала People | TLC

Версаче был Элвисом мира моды. Этот человек олицетворял роскошь, блеск и вершину гламура. С момента его громкого убийства прошло более двадцати лет, но его стиль до сих пор остается узнаваемым и незабываемым. Что произошло 15 июля 1997 года?
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Versace Women’s Spring-Summer 2020 | Fashion Show

For the Spring-Summer 2020 Collection, Donatella Versace honors an iconic moment when fashion and culture became a catalyst for technological progress. The exploration of couture techniques and novel materials has always been signature to the Versace runway. Twenty years ago, that spirit of innovation emanated from Milan to the Hollywood red carpet, and ultimately, Silicon Valley.

Debuting in the Spring-Summer 2000 Collection, the Jungle print dress made multiple appearances on the red carpet. At the 2000 Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez garnered international attention when she wore the unique runway design. Millions of people took to the internet to see Jennifer in the legendary dress, making it one the most popular search queries for Google at the time. However, the desired results – an image of the star and the gown – were not able to be surfaced on the search page. The epic red-carpet look, and the excitement it created, inspired the team to create Google Images.

“It was amazing! The world had the same reaction: jaw dropping. Today we live in a technological world, but back then, one event prompted the creation of a new tool that now has become part of our lives.” Donatella Versace

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Jungle print is reprised on the Versace runway in tropical green and fire orange-pink palettes. Presented in its original version, the palm trees are juxtaposed with different treatments and fabrications. The motif is depicted on metal mesh, embellished with crystals or complemented with tie-dye. Shirts adorned with Jungle details are layered under corset bodices with graphic heart-shaped, heritage necklines. The pattern is also introduced on Squalo sneakers and beaded as a three-dimensional décor on Virtus handbags.

Volume, layering and intricate décolletage cuts redefine the iconic black Versace dress. Drawing inspiration from Atelier creations, sharp geometric lines add character to a series of opening looks in black. Form-fitting silhouettes are paired with gold-tone hardware and delicate lace-up sandals embellished with leather leaf accents. Strong shoulders characterize tailored blazers, coats and crystal-enriched shirts. The sculptured shapes are accentuated by slim waistlines and voluminous skirts creating a strong, feminine figure.

Statement pieces are complemented with innovative tie-dye materials. The pioneering technique is applied to leather, creating a unique marble effect in acid hues. The multi-color pattern is featured on a leather coat and jersey t-shirts boasting the emblematic Medusa logo or Gianni Versace signature. Representing the intersection between the House’s aesthetic and forward-looking approach, tie-dye is fused with classic Prince of Wales on tailored separates. Strappy sandals with a smoked plexiglass heel and micro crystal mesh bags complement runway looks.

This season Versace and Google collaborate to celebrate twenty years of the legendary moment in both fashion and Google history. The amalgamation between technology, classicism and fashion is evident throughout the runway space featuring a Pantheon-inspired ceiling and a bronze palm sculpture surrounded by digital art projections. Created with Google Tilt Brush technology, the artwork portrays the iconic print designed by Donatella Versace. Passionate for constant innovation, the brand’s Chief Creative Officer uses the latest technology – the Google Assistant – to call for the Jungle dress’ appearance on the runway, creating yet another unforgettable, Google-worthy Versace moment.

73 вопроса Донателле Версаче

На канале Vogue Russia могут содержаться упоминания и ссылки на Facebook и Instagram, ресурсы принадлежащие компании Meta, деятельность которой запрещена в РФ. При этом, вся информация и ссылки на Facebook и Instagram размещены до запрета деятельности Meta на территории России. На канале Vogue Russia отсутствуют запрещенные в связи с их содержанием материалы и/или ссылки на такие материалы. Vogue встретился с Донателлой Версаче в ее доме в Милане, чтобы задать ей 73 вопроса
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Основанный в 1892 году, журнал Vogue – главный модный журнал в мире. Сегодня он издается в 20 странах и сотрудничает с самыми талантливыми писателями, фотографами и стилистами со всего мира, неизменно являясь важной частью культурной жизни своей страны.

Versace Spring-Summer 2023 Women’s | Fashion Show | Versace

“I have always loved a rebel. A woman who is confident, smart and a little bit of a diva. She wears leather, studs and frayed denim and she has enough attitude to mix them with chiffon, jersey, and a tiara! She is a strong liberated woman; she is gorgeous; she knows it. She is the Goddess of Freedom.” — Donatella Versace

A dark gothic goddess. That’s the woman in mind this season. Black, purple, and hints of fuchsia are the colors running through the whole collection, coming together in looks both high-glamour and hard-edged, diva and subversive.

Singular slashes cut across dresses and tops, while a series of precision cuts come together as graphic pattern details. Tough leather becomes fringing across biker jackets, leather pants and skirts. Jackets are worn over cascading chiffon dresses and skirts with macramé flourishes, creating a clash of structured and fluid forms, composure and impulsion. Slinky silhouette-enhancing dresses are finished in shiny metallic jersey. Shaggy, fur-like coats and miniskirts are crafted from upcycled production off-cut chiffon and lace in an environmentally responsible approach. Metal studs are full-on, covering leather pants and jackets, and piercing through delicate lace in a play with material contrast.

Prints have a brooding glow in the collection’s colors of dark orchid purple and tropical pink. The multi-logo ‘Versace on Repeat’ print, and floral and zebra patterns interplay and are incorporated into laminated lace, fil coupé, intarsia, or metal stud finishes.

Bags in the La Medusa line, including La Medusa Repeat, the re-edition hobo bag style introduced for Resort 2023, take-on the collection’s stud, leather fringe, and mirror material finishes, while the classical elegance of the Greca Goddess bag is made utterly contemporary in new glossy green and purple colors.

The new Medusa Anthem shoe line clashes cutesy sandal, boot, and Mary Jane styles with a heavy-metal XL rubber sole made for the Versace club-kid.

See more from the runway at Versace.com.

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